What is Event Overlay

Every event requires the need for additional "overlay" to support the existing venue and event spaces, helping to transform and create compliant event facilities, capable of handling world-class major events. Overlay includes all of the temporary infrastructure required to support a particular facility or venue, including but not limited to tents, cabins, power, utilities, fencing, flooring and lighting, signage and Field of Play (FOP) equipment.

The need for Event Overlay Planning

Event overlay planning is a critical part of your operational planning phase and should be undertaken at an early stage. Not only does it have a role in defining venue space for operational services but it also provides the security perimeter and has an aesthetic role in helping to define the feel of a venue.

At EPG our team of event overlay specialists have the capabilities and expertise to support event organisers and organising committees with all of their event overlay planning needs, from conventional corporate events through to multi-sport, multi-venue international events. We have proven experience in establishing overlay project offices and operational readiness environments for organising committees and event owners or alternatively we can provide secondment arrangements into organisations to work in partnership with you throughout the entire event lifecycle. 

Event Overlay Services In Focus

Utilising past learning’s and best practises, whilst keeping an eye on the ever changing temporary overlay supplier market, our team can help you balance commodity and design considerations, alongside commercial and functional requirements to develop practical and financially viable temporary build models and solutions.

Below is a high-level summary of the event overlay & infrastructure services that we offer to assist your organisation plan and deliver your upcoming event. You can also download our Event Overlay in Focus brochure which has greater detail about the services we offer.

Project Management

Our project management service gives you the time and space to do what you do best – manage your business. Our team comprises experts in project delivery who have an in-depth understanding of the event business needs and the context in which projects are built. Throughout the entire event lifecycle project management is critical in any event overlay delivery, responsible for the overlay procurement, venue construction, overlay installation, site management, overlay removal and venue reinstatement. Key to this delivery is in establishing the project management framework and controls for the entire process, as well the coordination of architects, quantity surveyors, engineers and construction managers.

Cost Management

Cost management is at the heart of any successful event. With our unique access to historical databases we are able to quickly provide accurate benchmarking for both legacy and overlay options. Our team of cost managers and value engineers put together detailed event overlay & infrastructure budgets in conjunction with the whole project team to ensure ownership of the project.

Contract Management

In addition to ensuring delivery of supplier contractual commitments our contracts managers are well versed in the development of procurement strategies in the event environment and will act as the key client contact for suppliers on a day-to-day basis.

Supply Chain Management

Our team are experts in the field of event procurement and supply chain commercial negotiations ensuring a balance between the best commercial outcomes and suitability of supply. We specialise in evaluating the most suitable contractors / suppliers for a project and also in sponsorship and value in kind negotiations.

Site Management

Site Management involves the transition into the build period, ensuring completion of all site audits and subsequent maintenance requirements. Additionally this process involves the management of external stakeholder and third-party requirements as well as the establishment of site management controls including event health & safety.

Overlay Operational Planning

Overlay operational planning is vital in ensuring operational readiness by providing holistic project support to the overlay management team as they transition from planning phases to event delivery.

Our Track Record

See how we have provided event overlay planning into many world-class events, including: