How we do Event Logistcs?

From operational planning through to delivery management, our event logistics team have been involved in some of the most complex major event venue logistics planning and operations to date, including the London 2012 Summer Olympics, providing logistics services for both event venues and athletes villages.

Our focus is in ensuring the logistics function meets your requirements, delivering high quality supply chain outcomes within major event security parameters.

Event Logistics Services In Focus

Below is a high-level summary of key event logistics tasks and function wide operational process that we can assist your organisation and its stakeholders to plan and manage. You can also download our Event Logistics in Focus brochure which has greater detail about the services we offer.

Venue Logistics

Each and every event has its own sub-set of logistics requirements, tasks and operational processes including Bump-In & Bump-Out of Furniture Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E), processes for receipt, storage, installation and maintenance of equipment, games time re-supply, and venue work order management.

Warehousing & Distribution

Not all of the necessary assets and infrastructure can be kept on-site at all times and it is important that a warehousing & distribution strategy is in place that ensures venues and facilities have access to what they need at the right time. This is a complex process and involves venue distribution strategies as well as appropriate management and their associated functions including receipt, pick pack, put away etc.

Delivery Management

Delivery management is at the heart of successful event delivery and involves the management of delivery from point of origin to the event/venue including delivery consolidation. This includes working with suppliers to meet the security certification standards, master delivery scheduling (MDS) planning and development, as well as fleet management and maintenance.

Freight Forwarding & Customs Clearance

Freight forwarding & customs clearance involved the transportation and clearance of goods into the host country.

Asset Tracking & Reverse Logistics

Behind every successful event delivery you will find an effective asset tracking system and associated processes. This is all encompassing and is not just one-way but includes asset disposal or distribution back to their original location.

Operational Processes

During your strategic planning and operational planning phase we will work you to define your logistics operational processes, which underlay your entire event logistics program, including demand planning & analysis, identification of gaps in service delivery and analysis of the local logistics environment, external supplier identification and identification of key stakeholders e.g. event functional teams, local government, port authorities, sponsors, and suppliers. As you progress towards your event delivery this will be expanded to include logistics workforce planning, recruitment and training, contract management, procurement, communication and reporting controls, and testing & quality control.

Our Track Record

See how we have provided event logistics into many of the world’s major and Olympic events, including: