Games of the XXX Olympiad – London 2012 Summer Olympics

Location & Year: London 2012 (United Kingdom)
Client Sector: Multi-Sport Event
Services Provided:

London 2012 was the largest peacetime logistics exercise ever undertaken in the United Kingdom.

Every Olympic Games presents its own unique challenges, requiring a local focus to deliver solutions. With numerous internal stakeholders including functional areas like sport, security, transport and broadcast and external stakeholders including the International Olympic Committee (IOC), International Sports Federations, local authorities and security agencies, the challenge of London 2012 could not be underestimated.

“Supplier of project management services (temporary venues and overlay) to the London 2012 Games” Official designation to EPG executed by Sebastian Coe CH KBE on behalf of the British Olympic Association

EPG provided an integrated delivery solution to the venues & infrastructure team at London 2012 responsible for £530m of infrastructure works across twenty-eight (28) competition venues, as well as twenty plus (20+) non-competition support venues. Building on the key role it had in forming the strategic approach in the early stages of event planning for the olympic park, we specifically played an integral role in event overlay & infrastructure planning and project management, event security infrastructure and event management & operations throughout the Games.

Working alongside the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) teams to coordinate input from its functional areas, our project managers coordinated a team of architects, quantity surveyors, engineers and constructions managers to deliver effective and cost efficient games time venues within national legislative requirements, planning permissions and budgetary frameworks. This included delivering innovative overlay solutions to temporary venues such as Horse Guards Parade (Beach Volleyball) and Riverbank Arena (Field Hockey).

Our project managers ensured individual sports were able to integrate with venues and meet overlay and technical requirements of their International Federations, as well as monitoring overlay procurement, venue construction, overlay installation, overlay removal and the venue reinstatement process during the event closure phase. Throughout the venue design and delivery process our team monitored and managed health & safety obligations, reported on cost status and managed the change control process.

For LOCOG on request from the UK Home Office, we provided a turnkey security infrastructure solution for all London venues outside of the Olympic Park. This was a pivotal role with onerous security measures introduced into the project late in the programme. Our project managers led the security infrastructure project, formulating the scope design and budget ensuring the works were integrated into the rest of the installation programme. This involved close liaison with LOCOG’s overlay and security teams and included other external stakeholders such as government agencies and private security organisations.

Supplying senior staff in venue management roles of the olympic park common domain, we oversaw all aspects of games time planning and operations during the event. This role involved considerable liaison with relevant authorities including the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) and other stakeholders in relation to common domain operational matters. Our key priorities in this role were to develop and lead a cross-functional team, oversee responsibility for the 5000+ staff in the common domain, put in place effective planning processes and ensure the safety and enjoyment of the estimated ten million plus (10,000,000+) visitors to the precinct.

Our ability to react quickly with the right solutions and the right people to meet LOCOG’s needs led to us building a team of ninety (90) staff in either secondment, contract or turnkey projects.

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