Krasnoyarsk 2019 | 29th Winter Universiade

Location & Year: Krasnoyarsk 2019 (Russia)
Client Sector: Multi-Sport Event
Services Provided:

Krasnoyarsk prepares to deliver a ‘Real Winter’

There has been no Winter Universiade city before it that that has truly been able to claim that it will deliver a ‘Real Winter’ like the Russian Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. With very cold winters, the more than 2500 athletes competing in the Games in March 2019, can be assured that there will be plenty of white gold on offer when they arrive for their competition.

The Universiade or ‘World University Games’ as it is often referred, is an international multi-sport event for university athletes. Krasnoyarsk will be the first Russian city to host the Winter Universiade and with over forty percent (40%) of its population under the age of thirty (30), this sporting, industry and academic centre will be the perfect location to welcome university athletes from fifty plus (50+) countries competing in eleven (11) winter sports.

The Event Planning Group (EPG) was engaged by the Local Organising Committee (LOC) to outline the strategic planning platform for the event, undertaking Master Plan and Venue Planning consultancy services. This activity was completed in two (2) phases.

The first phase included a workshop conducted between EPG personnel and key LOC representatives, including Games Director General Maxim Urazov, to review the content of the event Master Plan. During these workshops EPG found that the Master Plan that had been developed was of excellent quality and adequately addressed the key information requirements that would be expected in the first version. Whilst the Master Plan addressed why Integrated Operational Planning needed to occur, EPG were tasked with providing the critical element of how the planning process would occur.

The following phase provided a Master Plan Consultancy Report that evaluated the Master Plan and the workshop activities in more detail. The report recommended that the LOC further describe its approach to Integrated Operational Planning and outlined a framework by which it could be implemented. This included description of the key initial outputs required; Model Venue Operational Planning (MVOP) supported by the Model Venue Exercise (MVE) and the development of the Venue Requirements Document (VRD) for each of the LOC venues. EPG also developed and delivered a detailed Roadmap of key operational activities to be implemented between 2015 and 2019.

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