How we do Event Catering

Event catering is one of the most challenging service areas to plan and deliver for event organisers. Each locality has unique culinary acclaims and every event has a distinct range of client groups that have diversified menus from venue concession catering to high-end hospitality. This diversity is no more evident than in athlete village catering programs, which need to cater to the nutritional, religious and cultural requirements of athletes and officials from all over the world.

Our catering professionals have been responsible for planning, directing and controlling the delivery of high quality event catering and hospitality services to world class major events, including Olympic Games, both summer and winter, Commonwealth Games, international tournaments and corporate events.

Event Catering Services In Focus

Our catering team are with you throughout the entire event lifecycle, from the strategic planning phase when you are first mapping out your catering scope of works, through to operational delivery of the catering program when delivering the event. The list below outlines key areas of an event catering program that we can assist your organisation and its stakeholders to plan and deliver. Additionally, you can download our Event Catering in Focus brochure which has greater detail about the services we offer.

Catering Program Planning

Planning your catering program is a comprehensive process from reviewing and providing input into the technical requirements from federations e.g. IOC catering technical manual, through to the development of needs assessment templates for event constituent groups (athletes, officials, workforce, sponsors, VIP, spectators) and the development of a catering vision in line with your own mission, values and goals. All of this is translated into a scope of service development which is mapped with milestones, validated against catering program budgets and supported by appropriate risk and mitigation planning.

Catering Project Management & Operations

Our project and catering managers play an integral role in the delivering of your event catering program, including but not limited to, the development of tender documents including scope of services, capability assessments of catering contractor/s, procurement & contracts management, forecasting of volume and consumption for meal projections, development of catering policies and procedures including health & safety as well as the site management for logistics operations.

Our Track Record

See how we have provided event catering services into many major events, including highly specialised athlete catering into and many Olympic and commonwealth games, including: