The diagram below provides an outline of the essential phases an event organising committee must progress through in order to successfully deliver an event in a controlled and consistent manner.

Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning

This phase is all about developing the strategic direction of the event and the organising team. The Visions, Mission Statement and Objectives will be created and defined as the organising team starts to evolve. Senior Executives, Functional Area Leaders Partners and Consultants will be engaged to assist in the strategic development. The Master plan is the key deliverable through out this phase to act as the overall framework for all subsequent planning cycles .

Operational PlanningOperational Planning

As the event begins to blossom this phase is the natural evolution of any event. The Operational Planning Cycles will shift the priorities of the organising team to focus on clients, stakeholders and Functional areas eventually transitioning into a more detailed Venue centric operational planning process.

Operational ReadinessOperational Readiness

The Operational Readiness phase will often run concurrently with the later stages of the Operational Planning Phase. The Readiness phase will focus on testing the plans in as many real time scenarios as possible, finalising the operations, developing contingency scenarios and training the workforce for event time.

Event DeliveryEvent Delivery

The exciting part to any event, all the planning has been finalised and tested as the event commences operations. Workforce is in the field and typically the Main Operations Centre is live, controlling the daily activities and communications for all stakeholders. All Venues, facilities, stakeholder, clients and participants are putting their plans into action for real time scenarios.

Event ClosureEvent Closure

This phase following the delivery of the event will concentrate on business closure, the evaluation of the project, overlay removal and reinstatement, return of venues and the delivery of the of final reports and accounting.