How we deliver Event Villages

The delivery of the event village, whether it is an athletes village, media village, technical officials village or a village setup for fan engagement within an event precinct, is a complex component of the event delivery and needs to be properly planned for early in the event lifecycle.

One of the reasons we stand apart from other event companies is our unique and detailed skill set and knowledge base. We understand that when planning an event village the priorities of the primary stakeholder e.g. athlete, media, fan must come first. We also understand the challenges in establishing a temporary community where diverse cultural and religious backgrounds need to be considered.

Event Village Services In Focus

Below is a high-level summary of key project management services and areas of activity for event village operations that we can assist your organisation and its stakeholders to plan and manage. You can also download our Event Villages in Focus brochure which has greater detail about the services we offer.

Village Project Management Services

Project management is critical in any event village delivery, playing an integral role including but not limited to cost management, operational planning and review of technical manuals for input into the ‘Bid Book’; development and input into the village master plan including layout, space & furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) planning; village workforce planning, recruitment & training; and development of the village operating plan. Additionally we are there when then event is done, from transition planning and delivery e.g. from event use to legacy use, as well as the load-out and re-instatement including asset disposal, lessons learned and contract resolution.

Village Facilities & Logistics

You can never underestimate the scope of logistics in any event village delivery from master delivery scheduling (MDS) planning, development and implementation, through to monitoring construction and site management, managing the installation of temporary overlay & infrastructure, managing village warehouses & material transfer areas, and managing operational logistics crews and volunteers.

Village Operations

Village operations is critical in maintaining day to day operational efficiency from accommodation planning, scoping and allotment, through to housekeeping & laundry services, food services, transport systems ( arrivals & departures, and security infrastructure.

Village Services

Village services is an important part of building a successful temporary community, where for many athletes and officials, the village is their home away from home. For us, building a sense of community includes managing key retail and recreational services, as well as the delivery of medical, cultural & religious services, and village entertainment and sport & leisure facilities.

Our Track Record

See how we have successfully delivered event villages into many of the world’s major and Olympic events, including: