Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games

Athletes Village Planning Consultancy and Catering Consultancy

Event Profile: XXI Commonwealth Games
Location & Year: Gold Coast, Australia 2018
Client Sector: Multi-Sport Event, Major Events
Services Provided:

EPG were proud to provide a key role in the planning and delivery of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village..

The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Athletes Village was host to more than 6,600 athletes and officials during the 11 days of Games competition. It was situated on 29 hectares, including 7 hectares of open parklands and was designed to embrace the city’s colorful cultural heritage, paying special attention to sunlight, shading, natural air flows and water. The Village featured 18 new residential buildings, housing 1,170 apartments and 82 townhouses and was broken up into 3 zones; International, residential and operational including retail, recreation, medical facilities and dinning, catering for 18,000 meals a day for the athletes during the Games period.

EPG was contracted to deliver consultancy services to the Commonwealth Games Athletes Village in two specialised areas; Village Operations and Athletes Village Catering.

For Village Operations EPG delivered the following services during the strategic development phase of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to include;

  • Development of a Levels of Service document outlining all services for the GOLDOC Village Functional Area
  • Development of a Concept of Operations for the Village Functional Area
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of the Villages Functional Area Operating Plan
  • Review and refinement of GOLDOC’s draft Village Contract Packaging Plan to develop a procurement strategy in the market place for Village services
  • Provide general assistance to GOLDOC in the strategic planning of the Villages Functional Area

For the Athletes Village Catering Services, EPG assisted the organizing committee with the final planning preparations and review of the caterers master plan prior to operations. EPG also performed an assurance role at Games time overseeing the performance of the master caterer reporting back to GOLDOC.

Services included;

  • Review the athletes' village caterer contract and provide recommendations to improve this contract according to the needs of GOLDOC catering team.
  • Provide guidance to the caterer to modify the operational plan in accordance with actual operational requirements.
  • Review and refine the detailed athletes' village catering plan and recommend improvements focusing on key service areas of;
    • Kitchen and menu planning
    • Dining hall planning
    • Food safety planning
    • Logistics support planning
    • Human resource planning
    • Financial management and planning
    • Risk management
  • Monitor the performance of the master caterer in line with the agreed catering plan, reporting back to GOLDOC management with any areas of improvement in service delivery.
  • Develop a Quality Assurance Plan that measured the Games time performance of the master caterer against all contractual obligations to deliver the Catering Operations for the Athletes Village.
  • Play a key liaison role with the local health authorities in assuring that all statutory and legislative food safety requirements were being followed.

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