Taipei 2017 – 29th Summer Universiade

Location & Year: Taipei, Taiwan 2017
Client Sector: Multi-Sport Event


In August 2017, Taiwan’s capital Taipei City, hosted the 29 th Summer Universiade, an international multi-sport event for university students governed by the International University Sports Federation (FISU). The event is held every 2 years in a different city, alternating between a summer and winter format. EPG were appointed the Universiade Organising Committee provide catering management consultancy services for the Taipei 29 th Summer Universiade.

EPG were also requested by the Organising Committee to then coordinate the catering operational delivery and partnered with the Global Hospitality Group (GHG), to deliver the catering operations for the Athletes Village which catered to over 7,500 athletes from 113 countries. Post event, the EPG team were praised by local government for delivering a successful operation and awarded, the ‘Australian Taiwan Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award’ for our work and an appreciation award from the Mayor of the City of Taipei.


In our Catering Management Consultancy role, we played a pivotal role in determining what would be the final solution for catering services in the Athlete Village Catering Pavilion. Undertaking the strategic and operational planning for the event, expediting the research into the capability of the local market and highlighting any gaps in service delivery. Key activity undertaken in this phase included;

  • Catering specification, menu design and development
  • Catering provider selection
  • Risk and contingency planning
  • Workforce planning
  • Facility design, including kitchen supply and fit out
  • Supply chain planning, including benchmarking and procurement


The success of EPG’s delivery of the initial strategic and operational planning activity in the catering management consultancy phase, led to the local organising committee requesting that we coordinate the operational delivery of the Athlete Village Catering Operations. Partnering with GHG, we successfully delivered high quality food and beverages for the athlete and staff dining functions and refreshment stations to the 37 competition venues.

The Athlete Village Catering Pavilion covered approximately 10,500 square metres, had a capacity of 3,500 in the dining hall and operated for 20 hours per day over 3 weeks.

Outlined below are the key items delivered as part of our scope of work:

  • All Food and Beverage Operations
  • Standard Operating Plans
  • Menu Design and Development
  • Risk Management
  • Front and Back of House Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Human Resources & Recruitment
  • Quality Control
  • Demand Schedules
  • Kitchen Overlay
  • Waste Management
  • Equipment Specification and Design

Feedback from delegations, athletes and coaches was extremely positive across the event. Research conducted by the local organising committee nutrition staff, showed a high degree of satisfaction with the food and service throughout the event.

Outlined below are some of the key performance related facts for the catering operation:

  • Served over 319,000 meals to athletes and delegates.
  • Served 25,000 meals per day at operational peak.
  • Provided meals to over 1000 games staff.
  • Unlimited food and beverage (on a 7-day rotational menu)
  • Managed 44 predominantly local suppliers who provided over 1200 ingredients to the operation.
  • Recruited and trained over 1000 staff, including over 700 interns and 100 international personnel.
  • In addition to the Village operations, provided 210 refreshment stations at 37 Competition Venues.


EPG & GHG successfully worked together to deliver what was to become the largest dining hall ever opened in Taiwan. Receiving praise from the local organising committee, FISU, local and federal government and also receiving formal recognition via award we worked collaboratively to;

  • Build a local and international supply chain capable of delivering a solution of a size not seen in Taipei.
  • Recruit 700 interns from local universities, providing an ongoing valuable legacy to Taiwan industry.
  • Successfully prepare, test and deliver a world class dining facility, managing both the front and back of house.
  • Integrate GHG into EPG’s project framework, ensuring operational assurance and guaranteed service.
  • Plan and deliver a diverse menu, catering to diverse cultural, religious and dietary requirements.

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